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I was happy that many women

attending the event stepped up to

share their honest opinion about the

Women in MICCAI


It was good to hear the diverse set

of ideas and sentiments running in

the female members of the


Although no consensus is reached at

the end of the meeting -which was

not our goal by the way, rather it

was to hear all- one common idea

was to collect data/statistics to see

where quantitatively we are in terms

of representation of women in

MICCAI. This is natural as we are a

community of scientists.

Unfortunately, the time was too

short, surely the meeting could have

continued for a couple of more

hours otherwise. So, we plan to set

up an online platform as to continue

the discussions, have polls/surveys

(some could be anonymous) of

pressing issues plus to share


My opinion is that we should keep

talking openly about implicit bias,

which most of us in the society carry

(even us scientists) and raise

awareness about it.

I want to end by announcing that

Women in MICCAI committee


officially created. The liaison is

Josien Plum from the

MICCAI board


We'd like to reach out to all the

community for the effort to increase

the number of women in our field.

For all kinds of comments, feedback

and input, please feel free to reach

us: me (

Gozde Unal

) and

Ipek Oguz


Tal Arbel


Parvin Mousavi


CVPR Daily: Thursday

MICCAI Women Networking Lunch - Wednesday


Gozde Unal

Women at MICCAI


MICCAI Daily: Thursday