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This is what it looks when many of the 3,607 CVPR attendees, coming from countless

countries and from all the continents, have lunch together. CVPR Daily owes this lovely

image of friendship and comradery to the kindness of Dave Rushton-Smith of Google.



CVPR Daily: Thursday

Is There a Scientist in the Room?


Besides distributing T-shirts, at the

Spare5 booth they talk about their

service enabling machine learning

teams to generate accurate and diverse

annotations on their datasets to train,

validate, and test their algorithms.


Training Data as a Service

platform is a complete solution for

acquiring and annotating datasets and building ground truth at scale. I

was told there that leaders in machine learning rely on Spare5's

automated platform for efficiencies in accuracy, specificity, scale, cost,

and reduced level of effort in computer vision and natural language

processing applications.