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CVPR Daily: Thursday




invited me to see

something very special

at the

Qihoo 360 booth and I was not disappointed. Follow the guide!

They showed me a very good

facial analysis system

. Very accurate, stable,

and energy efficient. Accurate means that if you stand in front of the

camera, the position or the important points will be very accurate.

Second, it will be very stable. Stable also means when you speak, all the

points will stick on your face with markers. It is also very robust, in the

sense that when only a part of the face is visible, even only one quarter of

it, these points are still very accurate and stable.

With this kind of functions, many things become possible: make a face

look thinner or enlarge the eyes to make it look more beautiful. In Asian

culture, Shuicheng told me, thin face and big eyes make one’s aspect

beautiful. You can also perform analysis, for example, of the age or

gender, whether you wear glasses, how beautiful you are, etc.


humble servant tried this out

, see the results in the bottom right image!

Qihoo 360

Mask transfer effect

This is what Qihoo’s software says about me!

I look 2 years younger than I am,

I wear glasses, I am a gentleman (of course,

I am Italian!) and my face is smiling

The Qihoo/360 AI Institute claims

a face SDK which is very stable in

regards to head movement,

expression changes and pose

changes, as well as robust to

partial visibility of the face. These

features are critical for face

manipulations/editing like mask

transfer (see image below).