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CVPR Daily:

That’s very interesting

because several times I’ve heard

women saying that being the only

woman was a limitation. But if I

were the only man among many

women, I wouldn’t feel isolated.

Why is it so different?


I would say the life

challenges are different for men

and women. Long term, a lot of us

in academia think of our academic

career and how to balance that

with a home life. I also think there

are other female aspects. There’s

something intangible about having

someone you can relate to that

way. When I think about a role

model, typically I feel more

connected to a female. That story

matches mine better


As a counterpoint, my father was a

faculty in computer science. He

was one of my main mentors. He’s

been a strong male presence in my

life, especially in computer science.

Women in Computer Vision


CVPR Daily: Thursday

I worked in industry

for five years, and I

found that I was

typically alone as a

female. That was