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CVPR Daily:

Danna, what is your

current position?

Danna Gurari:

I am currently a

post-doctoral fellow with Kristen

Grauman at University of Texas

at Austin.

CVPR Daily:

What is the subject

of your work?


I’ve been working at lot

with microscopy images as well

as everyday images. I look at

how to actively involve humans

to solve tasks such as object

segmentation and visual

question and answering.

CVPR Daily:

Why did you decide

to dedicate your career to

computer vision?


I think that’s just an

instinctual love.

CVPR Daily:

Do scientists follow

their instincts too?


I think it better be

something you love when it

comes to what you do every day

when you wake up and what’s

going to motivate you to do your


CVPR Daily:

Do you love what

you do?


I love what I do.

CVPR Daily

: Is it difficult to be a

woman in computer vision? If

yes, why?


I would say it’s been a lot

easier for me in academia than in

industry. I worked in industry for

five years, and I found that I was

typically alone as a female. That

was harder.

In academia, I’ve been very

fortunate because my advisor for

my PhD as well as my current

postdoc advisor are female. I

find, in general, the community

really fosters and creates a safe

place for people my age who are



Women in Computer Vision

Danna Gurari

CVPR Daily: Thursday

I love what I do