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This is our last issue of CVPR daily

for this, so we have decided to

host two Women in computer

Vision. After Danna Gurari at page

4, here is Àngels Ratés Borràs.

CVPR Daily:

Àngels, what kind of

work do you do?


I am doing a PhD at

Northeastern University under the

supervision of Octavia Camps. My

field of research is computer

vision. That’s why I’m here.

CVPR Daily:

Why did you choose

to dedicate your career to

computer vision?


I first studied electrical

engineering back in Barcelona.

Then I did an exchange at

Northeastern University. I realized

that I wanted to work with

something related to artificial

intelligence because I really enjoy

technology as well as science and

maths. I met Octavia and I liked

her so much that I decided to join

the lab.

CVPR Daily:

Do you find it more

difficult to be a woman in this



In terms of studying and

getting opportunities, I don’t think

so. I believe that if you’re good,

they’re going to hire you. In terms

of your team at work, there might

be some differences between a

woman and a man.


Women in Computer Vision

CVPR Daily: Thursday

Àngels Ratés Borràs

CVPR Daily:

Can you tell us

any stories about that?


I had a very fun

college experience. Back in

Barcelona, you have to

adapt yourself to work with

men because they work



they don’t know how to

work together or how to

communicate with each

other. Usually the women

are the ones that are in

charge of


everything and chasing

them to work…