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CVPR Daily: Thursday

We noticed a cute demo at MorpX

and decided to go and see it. Tian

Li was kind enough to tell us all

about it.

Tian Li:

I am the founder of

MorpX. We are making a vision

sensor for toy robots. The vision

sensor uses machine learning to

detect different objects like faces,

bars, and lines using them to

control the toy robots.

CVPR Daily:

What is novel in it?

Tian Li:

The novelty is that it’s

making all of these algorithms run

inside tight, small packaging

embedded system. Also, its arm

contact sensor with 72 megahertz


CVPR Daily:

What was particularly

challenging in doing this?

Tian Li:

The challenge was making

all the right hardware and

software because the existing

library cannot fit into these kind

of systems.

CVPR Daily:

Does it make any

difference to work with toys?

Tian Li:

There are lots of fun

stories because we are working

with toys. When the algorithm is

defected, then everything falls

apart! So it’s fun.

CVPR Daily:

So everybody plays in

the office?

Tian Li:


CVPR Daily:

What is the next step

for your application?

Tian Li:

We are trying to push

these products to classrooms for

kids to have easy access to vision

sensors to create some more fun

robots. Our product is already in

the market and you can reserve it

online right now at our website.

everybody plays

in the office

This black little robot has learned to hit

down only when he is shown a ball. He

does not react to any other object, no

matter how hard we try!