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If you ask why the company is called


, this must have

something to do with “

Technology made simple

”. What they do is

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

, autonomous driving,

and web-scale image recognition applications.

We asked them about that and

Amanda Song

explained that their

ADAS/autonomous driving system incorporates state-of-the-art

modules for multi-class object detection, lane detection, depth

estimation, and scene analysis. Optimized for complex road

conditions in cluttered urban scenes, this technology can accurately

assess driving risks from

pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, cars, and

other types of obstacles

. The solution being 100% vision-based, this

means dramatic reduction in hardware cost, comparing to today’s

LiDAR-based perception solutions. The company is headquartered in

Beijing, China

; with its research institute in

San Diego, USA


Before you ask, they are looking for talented minds and innovative

hearts in CVPR community, with specializations in computer vision,

machine learning, and GPU optimization - both in

San Diego






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